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SUSSURRI | Let's fly together (War) Let's fly togetherGive me... of your sensibility Let me imagine you walking outside the wooden house | 25/2/1996
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SUSSURRI | It's easy (to let you enter into my mind) They tell "this morning is another morning"They tell "when the facts become something to talk about it's all over" They tell, to say the truth, that you don't matter anymore, but it's like a whirstle it's like... | 25/3/1996
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SUSSURRI | So blind I was sotired so blind I felt so heavy walking alone in the mist so empty and there were no rhymes left for my mouth there were no secret stories written in my diary and all seemed so grey so dusty and I missed you and I hardly noticed and I... | 25/9/1997
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EDITORIALE | Last DOS number Talking of unkept promises...There are a few interesting thing to tell you: at the beginning, when we started, it was more or less the days of Wolf3D, so we thought "why don't make our readers walk in a virtual 3d environment and find... | 25/2/1998
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SUSSURRI | DAY BY DAY Why am I still herenot too distant but not yet near do I belong in this race thinking about money with a false face what is that I want to do to tell you the truth I have no clue is it that I am lost or in dispair or may be is it that I do... | 25/2/1998
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