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Rubriche: SUSSURRI (3)
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SUSSURRI | I wish a day to be free I wish a day to be freeI want to run away and throw my mind behind I wish a day to feel free I want to sing a wordless song to the morning sun I want to run I want to ride and fly and die Untold evening tales | 25/5/1997
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SUSSURRI | For you(?) I singthis way for you: four words two notes no song. I sing this way alone to state I'm here alive, and you are smiling too. And let the night falling down and leave the wind to knock I play my voice for you to see the whole world shining.... | 25/10/1997
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SUSSURRI | I feel to know I feel to knowwhat's behind your eyes what lives inside your heart what you're looking for, now. I think to know: it's not the same sky not the same blue night I see not the same love song I hear in the distance not the same book I read,... | 25/12/1997
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