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Rubriche: SUSSURRI (3) CINEMA (3)
Autori: Anita Gooda (1) Michele Benatti (1) Michele Benatti (tr. Sarah McCann) (1) Asif Khan (1)
SUSSURRI | Italian Therapy (Terapia Italiana)The time was July and some english girl was bored. University, it must be said, has a lot to be said for it, but also, its limitations, and it was these limitations which niggled away at her now. After three ardous... | 25/6/1996
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SUSSURRI | Sea and sky (italiano)This is a story about this really beautiful girl with blonde hair that was almost whilte, and these absolutely bright blue eyes that some people thought were the sky, and others thought were the sea.Anyway, she was 20-something,... | 25/11/1996
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CINEMA | And if they'd filmed it in Hollywood? Eevi doesn't want to hear herself say no, even if means she has to kill you. Eevi lives with her big sister Ami but she has no intention of leaving, as her sister would like her to. Eevi gets thrown out but she... | 25/1/1998
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CINEMA | Will it snow for Christmas? It depends where you are. At one time I thought I had a moral responsibility towards my fellow man to go and see this film. "Will it snow for Christmas", together with "Love Stories", which I haven't seen yet, had seemed for... | 25/2/1998
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CINEMA | The Word Cinema Exists Too Mimmo Calopresti's second film, hte follow up to his excellent debut "The Second Time" is another little gem about love but this time it's brighter and less tragic than the story of the judge and the ex-terrorist. In "Notes... | 25/5/1998
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SUSSURRI | The Two Princes You had a sincere and special mother like her there shall be no other she was unique and one of a kind Happy memories of her in our mind The nation is now in tears remembering how she calmed our fears her presence, her emotions, her... | 25/5/1998
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