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SUSSURRI | DAY BY DAY Why am I still herenot too distant but not yet near do I belong in this race thinking about money with a false face what is that I want to do to tell you the truth I have no clue is it that I am lost or in dispair or may be is it that I do... | 25/2/1998
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SUSSURRI | The Two Princes You had a sincere and special mother like her there shall be no other she was unique and one of a kind Happy memories of her in our mind The nation is now in tears remembering how she calmed our fears her presence, her emotions, her... | 25/5/1998
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SUSSURRI | Reflections how many times do we sit to question you without the true knowledge of you as many sit down and cry to ask you the reason why May be they should sit back and reflect on the path they did select may be then it will come to mind solutions to... | 25/6/1998
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SUSSURRI | Summer of 1997 People come and people go that is the way our lives flow some to know to be a friend sharing experiences from beginning to end you came here to see enjoying life and being free to know people who are new people who become close when the... | 25/7/1998
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