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The Two Princes

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The Two Princes

You had a sincere and special mother
like her there shall be no other
she was unique and one of a kind
Happy memories of her in our mind

The nation is now in tears
remembering how she calmed our fears
her presence, her emotions, her smile
allowed all of us to forget our worries for a while

The way she showed us she loved and cared
with us all the joys and sorrows she shared
like her there are only a few
so special to us and you

wanting to show you we all care
like here we will always be there
The nation shares in your sorrow
without her there seems to be no tommorow

Remembering her from hours to days
Memories of her will remain with us always
From her we must now part
Truly she was the Queen of the nation's heart

Asif Khan
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