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Colours of love

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Love has changed my thoughts of you
It has made me realise the true essence of you
You're the one who is always on my mind
To you, No equivalent can I find

You're beauty is enchantingly divine
How I long for you to be mine
You have an element of grace when a smile enlightens your face

Your eyes crave such beauty
Admiring you is my life's duty
You are my love, You are my life
Are you the one to be my wife!

I have come to realise your value to late
You are my dream come true, but that's my fate
Thankyou for making me comprehend
Like you there is only one friend

You are so special and kind
You're the one that gives me piece of mind
How I hate when were apart
Reason being that the Colours of your Love have decorated my Heart

Asif Khan

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